Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Lost Night Gallery Find

I was browsing the new releases at Netflix, and came across Night Gallery Season 2. A description of an episode about Zsa Zsa Gabor getting trapped in a mirror made me curious: For years, I have been going crazy trying to find a movie or something I saw as a kid.

All I remembered was a painting that revealed a weird, 'live' prehistoric scene underneath the top layer when someonce scraped away at the paint. It really freaked me out. I remembered it as a made for tv type of movie, and could have sworn that Adrienne Barbeau was in it.

Anyway--I found the Night Gallery episode on youtube, and I'm sure this is what I saw as a kid. It's better and creepier in my memory.

The first scene is quite strange--I suppose the demolition of buildings and traffic congestion is supposed to represent the sacrificing of the past for development, somehow related to the reliquinshing of antiques as the heroine does in the story, and ultimately the trapping in the ancient past...

Part I

Part II


theorris said...

Hulu may have all of Night Gallery.

richelle said...

wow--thanks for that tip. I've never seen the site before. We watched the first episode of fringe on it tonight.

illuminatra occutic said...
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