Friday, February 22, 2008

no one, not even google street maps has such small hands

I've just discovered google street maps, and it's really bizarre. Here's a view of a house I used to own about a decade ago. It looks so different now. I sold it to a friend I worked with at Barnes and Noble, and they put up the white picket fence. I used to have all manner of flowers out front--those seem to be gone too. That house has literally doubled in price--I wish I could have held onto it. Anyway--turn around 180 degrees, and you will see the sublime view I had out my front windows. There used to be all kinds of wildlife too--owls, deer, bunnies, etc. I miss that place!

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bigbrownhouse said...

I'm rather obsessed with Street View.

The house you lived in is right up the street from
this cool old house
that I had a chance to photograph before it was remodeled and all beiged out.