Saturday, February 23, 2008

High Strangeness at the D.I.

I came across a bizarre story today, involving the Centerville Deseret Industries (local LDS owned chain of thriftstores), temple clothing, a disabled guy, an insane person, and a dressing room.

The insane person abducts the disabled guy, hies into the dressing room, dresses him in a in white temple jumper, and returns the disabled guy to his mother at the checkout line, wants to pay for the jumper, practically proposes temple sealing right there, everyone is appropriately rightened and stunned. Police are summoned, and later...

"When officers arrived, the man appeared in the store parking lot, wearing his own white jumpsuit under a trench coat and a hockey mask on his face."

I will miss D.I., perhaps most of all. Don't hate me for that. I have my own high strangeness at D.I. stories.

Read the full story here.


theorris said...

You're not the only one who came across this: I speculate Flannery O'Connor. Go see in my comments.

bigbrownhouse said...

If I ever leave Utah, DI may be the thing I miss the most.