Sunday, January 27, 2008

...bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, UFO debunking skills...

I just came across something unbelievable; while searching for a Coast to Coast to listen to while I pack some boxes, I clicked on the page for skeptic Joe Nickell's appearance. Listed are some of his cases he has debunked, and among them is: A 100–ft. UFO in Salt Lake City turned out to be a misidentified remote controlled 30-ft. blimp.

Skeppta, PLEASE!!!

I don't even know where to start on this one. But, if this is exemplary of his debunking case work skills, well, then Mr. Nickell's work is without a doubt at a base remedial level. First of all, there was never, ever any *real* thinking that the object was a "UFO" in the sense that it was anything more than a yet-to-be-identified terrestrial craft. Second, the object was identified within a few hours of its main-reported sightings. There were reports on the local news (and even made the national news too) within hours of finding out what the object was, with the guy who made the blimp.

I haven't listened to Joe yet, but how in the world could he even take credit for investigating and debunking this? There was nothing to debunk anyway.

So--we actually saw this thing, and took some video. I'll see if I can post it here. You can tell by our reactions, and watching the thing itself, there's no way anyone in their right mind would mistake this for an extraterrestrial craft, and it has little in common with other UFO sightings.

Note that in the intro on the video, I wrote "days later it was reprted.." It's not that it took days to discover what the object was--it's that the main sightings were days later. The news said the June 12th sightings were 'unverified.' My son and I also had seen this thing many months before this sighting, while in this same parking lot. I tried following it, but couldn't see it again, and there were no reports in the news then. There were no reports at all, until an apparently mass sighting, where it drifted across the valley out of control a couple days after this video. It origins were almost instantly revealed. Way to go Joe!

"It's, like, METAL.." I can be such a valley girl.

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