Sunday, January 27, 2008

Love your hair, hope it wins!

...perhaps the best song ever. I'm sure few would agree. Also, check out P.M.'s boots (ha) and and the guitar/bass whatever guy at about 3:00--so 80s, love that.


bigbrownhouse said...

Great song, and great performance. I saw Peter Murphy at Bricks several years ago. Earlier that day I overheard some teenagers talking about a friend who was going to the show. "Who the hell is Peter Murphy?" asks one. "I dunno. Some Oldies guy."

richelle said...

I think I remember that, and regretted not being able to go--the same with Exene Cervenka at (oh god what was the name of that place on broadway that closed...on the corner there. something's really wrong with my memory.)

This song always makes me crave Foster's and cloves.