Thursday, December 6, 2007

Look at the FORMS...

Every now and then, you happen upon a book that just blows you away, that you know will be part of your life-long psycho-biblioarsenal. Jeremy Narby's The Cosmic Serpent is just such a book for me. I just began reading it, and already I have found it to be entirely profound, prophetic, and true.
This idea he puts forth, that nature uses imagery to convey meaning, really resonates with me. This idea is not new to me; it is an idea I have written about before many times,--looking for meaning in our large and small landscapes, by objectively viewing and making associations.
The idea of aesthetics comveying meaning almost above all else as a code is really compelling to me. The whole holographic universe idea, the as above so below, etc. From the very first time I heard and considered these things, I knew there was something of truth. This idea of aesthetics and forms is even a huge part of a book I am working on.
But, in Narby's book, the idea is somehow crystallized, somehow simplified and focused, yet manages in that simplicity to convey the ineffable complexities that reside in such a notion. The book is highly recommended for anyone interested in consciousness mysteries, general cosmic ideas, shamanism, anthropology, UFOs (read in conjunction with Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock's Supernatural, or the whole of Keel/Vallee, etc.) and mysteries in general.

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