Sunday, December 2, 2007

A cemetery special on Netflix instant viewing

The Netflix instant viewing selection is really growing and has many great new offerings--several 70s disaster movies, foreign films, and documentaries. I was happy to find A Cemetery Special, which I loved. It received terrible reviews at Netflix, and I really don't get it. I suppose people were expecting fantastic ghost stories or special effects or a Discovery Channelesque spectacle. Instead, it is happily a little love letter to the cemetery and all its loveliness. The preview can be seen here. (Note the misspelling 'cemetary' in the trailerhead.)


enbalmingregiment said...

Keep doing things.

theorris said...

Ah those Discovery Channel shows! You know there was serious debate in Congress that PBS would no longer be needed because of the wonders of the free market providing alternatives like the Discovery Channel. Oy.

It is good that you are blogging. I can't wait to read your post about the mustache.

richelle said...

I had not planned a post about it, but obviously now I HAVE to write one. And something I noted in reading the actual newspaper text--WE made up the bit about the moutache. Not a word is mentioned about such a thing--it says 'jawbone.' I would have sworn moustache was part of the true story--I guess that goes to show how spoken narratives change even in one telling.