Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweatin' to the Oldies

I completely forgot about this song, and forgot even more about the video. Billy Squier doing his best Richard-Simmons-dancing impression. As you can see from his expression (in post below) Borgia does not approve. Being a rockstar isn't what it used to be. Kids these days.


theorris said...

I feel harmed by this video.

Lesley said...

Whatever happened to Billy Squire?

I suppose I should be ashamed, but I have his "greatest hits" CD.

Lesley said...

Also, are you trying to say that not everyone dances like that when they are alone in their bedroom?


richelle said...

I should likewise be ashamed, I used to have that same pink tank top.

Harmed? I feel practically violated.

theorris said...

Harmed. I stick to the word. It is much more appropriate to my reaction. It has harmed my entire sense of being. That's what's nice about words that have hung around longer in the English language than latinate ones. They get to our very core.

What the holy fuck was whoever made that video thinking? My holy fuck.

See that's the proper reaction when one is harmed.

illuminatra occutic said...
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