Saturday, June 21, 2008

Upon preparing to leave the promised land...

Yes, I have already moved to New York, but having this month-long venture in Salt Lake made everything seem a bit transitory, non-permanant. I've felt like that for a good 6 months now; the idea of living between places. Today was the first time I started really getting I won't 'be' in Utah. Driving to Smith's in the avenues today, it all seemed so absolutely familiar and home. It feels different now I suppose, because I have no immediate plans to come back. It's not necessarily negative, but it's somewhat of an unsettling feeling. There are things I will miss, and things I will not miss. Most of the things I will not miss aren't because if Salt Lake--it's simply urbanness. It's a small town vs. city thing. A trade off like everything.

Not Miss:The sound of blaring sirens, traffic, construction, beige shopping areas, starbucks, people talking about all the crap they got at costco, the whole hipster scenario, the dastardly air quality.

Miss: a plethora of ethnic cuisine, incense selection, D.I., smart people, bookstores, the great annual curbside giveaway, Hires Big H. Dammit.


theorris said...

Bad air quality and the hipster go hand-in-hand, I fear. Well air doesn't really have hands, but you know what I mean.

illuminatra occutic said...
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