Monday, March 24, 2008

novels for scavengers

I recently found the titles of a couple books I read several years ago. I can't say I'm organized enough to keep track of all the books that come and go through my life, unfortunately. I also have no idea as I'm reading something how it will stick with me. It doesn't seem to be apparent at the time of reading. A side effect of that then, is that many books that I may perceive as 'disposable' may end up being signifigant somehow. But they are lost. Every now and then I'll find them again on some thriftstore shelf or yahoo search and be happy. I recently re-found a couple that I should recommend.

Both are centered in the world of flea markets, thriftstores, and junking in general, but the plots (thankfully) have a lot more to offer. I can't say these are 'serious' fiction by any stretch, but they both are worthy and lingered with me.

Second Hand, by Michael Zadoorian, isbn 0393047970

There are some hilarious lines here. There's a pathetically-detailed description of a retro liquor service--a bowling ball featuring a tiny bowler that somehow ascends out of the ball--that killed me. The main character is a junker obsessed, and against the mainstream and conservative ideas of the people around him, it's just the funniest thing ever.

Collectors, by Paul Griner

This is somewhat of a thriller, but the quiet desperation that seems to manifest with fountain pen and binoculars collecting is an interesting device for character development. Anyone who collects or sells random, esoteric paraphenalia will identify.

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bigbrownhouse said...

I'll have to be on the lookout for these. When I'm out scavenging.