Sunday, February 3, 2008

Angelheaded Hipster, Fulton J. Sheen..undead, undead, undead

I found him! I had an experience several months ago; our tv was set up weird between the cable, sound system, etc., and every time I turned it on, it would default at channel 3, which is the station for EWTN, the Catholic channel.
About every time I turned it on, it was either Mother Angelica, or this guy. He had very old shows, Spin and Marty era. No idea why I associated that with Spin and Marty--something about the precise look of it maybe.
The guy is rather animated and approaching entertaining. I found myself curious about him after I made the observation that he is pretty much like a righteous Dracula.
It stuck me the same way it did when I realized once in about 5th grade or so, watching some show, that the traditional witch costume is a take on Pilgrim garb. The dark side has adopted the costume of the holy, and there has to be a reason. Witches, Dracula, are rather shadows of their respective one of their emulation, holding all the unbridled, unrestrained power. More on this idea later.
Today on EWTN, it's all about Fulton J. Sheen. Looks like he may be a saint soon:
During the public ceremony on February 3rd – known by the Latin name of postrema sessio (“next stage”) – all documents, books and personal testimonies that have been collected for the cause will be certified and forwarded to Rome, where they will be examined by the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints.


theorris said...

Ah so he is Archbishop Sheen. That makes sense. I think he was only a Msg. back in the 50s so the purple cape makes sense.

Did you know that they've found inadvetent priestess mummies in asia who wear the pointed hat of a witch? They figure that it was a religious garb for women. When Christianity came along with all of its misogyny, the hat was consigned to witches and other doers of evil

richelle said...

Yes, I actually saw a PBS show or something about that; the pointy hat really has a long pancultural history.

Greg Bishop said...

Lenny Bruce had a routine about Christ coming back to earth during a sermon, featuring Sheen. That's the only place I'd heard of him previously.

richelle said...

I'll have to look that up.

I heard today that sheen may need one more miracle to add to his heavenly resume...I believe he may only have two.

Stephen Wagner said...

In our very Catholic household, growing up, we used to watch Bishop Fulton J. Sheen all the time. I found him hypnotic. I still do, since I see him occasionally on TV when they show his re-runs. His sermons, if you deduct the religiosity from them (which is surprisingly easy to do in many cases) are full of common sense and sound advice for just being a plain-ol' decent human being. If he wins sainthood, I think he probably deserves it.