Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Men in Black Visit last night..part 2

Last night I was sitting on my couch talking to Steve on the phone. I was facing my front door, which has a window covered by a curtain. It's opaque of course, but not really heavy, so I can see carlights and stuff through it. For probably a full minute or so, I noticed what looked like a headlight. This wasn't weird at all...I'm almost in the corner on the block, so there's an intersectionw/ a stop sign that cars stop at. The light remained for about a minute as I said, and then, it starts kind of bouncing around all over the place and getting much larger. I quickly realized the light was right in from of my door, and I could see a large man's figure too.

It was a little alarming--he just seemed to be standing there moving the light around--there was no knock, no noise, nothing. For some reason, I had the feeling it was a policeman with a maglite, looking around for my house numbers to see if he was in the right place. (the house numbers are in a weird place, etched into a small window.)

I decided to flip the curtain to see who/what the hell was there and happening. There was a young, dark haired, tall guy in a dark uniform with some kind of insignia on his jacket, and a helmet with a flashlight--like mining or spelunking gear. He was just standing there waiting, holding some papers. He had not knocked, or rang the doorbell. How long would he have patiently waited there for someone to coincidentally open the door? What are the chances that i would even be sitting there looking out the window to notice him? It was almost 10:00 at night!

So, still thinking it was some kind of poice person or utility worker or something, I opened the door, and he hands me--my mail. I said "what's this?" (kind of meaning what the f*#% is going on in general) and he just says, like I'm so dense, "It's your *MAIL*"

What the hell?

Also, remember that I saw that headlight (which turns out to be the headlamp on his helmet) sitting still in a certain place for a full minute before he approached my door. The place he had to be standing--is where my mailbox is! So, did this 'mailman' take the mail out of my box to hand deliver it to me? Why would he be standing so close to the unmistakable, very prevalent mailbox and not just put the dumb mail in there? (I usually receive my mail around 2pm. there was no mail delievered to my box as of about 4pm. I did go to the post office to mail some books out yesterday, and it was busy, because of the holiday the previous day. However, I have never had my regular post delayed for a reason like that.)

When I go to the PO tomorrow, I'll ask the guys there if this is something that seems 'normal' or if they have an explanation.

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