Thursday, January 10, 2008

Irritating stupid dumb media thing of the week: The guy living at the Ikea store

This spaz has moved into a New Jersey IKEA store while his apartment is being renovated! Oh, the hilarity, the pomo cleverness, the irony! Please. It's about as hilarious and interesting as a 'pregnant nun' halloween costume. I'm not sure why I am so annoyed with it--more than the thing itself, it's the presentation...and the assumption there's some meaning in the obvious meaninglessness of it--there's some bad lost pun in the layer upon layer upon layer, etc. absent social commentary that I just don't even want to think about. I suppose too, I am just sick of this unnamable Gen Y cool-dork-hipster factor this guy seems to embody.


bigbrownhouse said...

It was kind of funny when EmotionEric tried it (what with the mormon tie-in and all.)

richelle said...

ha! I love her t shirt.
The difference with emotion eric is--he knows it's retarded. The spaz guy thinks he's *clever* and wacky. I hate clever.