Thursday, December 27, 2007

UFO in 'found photo' on flickr...'s so round. Could be a ball, but I don't see any other people or activity.
Click photo to view largest size.


Anonymous said...

Or it could yust be, some dirt on the lens!..

richelle said...

Of course it could be, but you have to take into consideration the dynamics of photography then vs. now. Cameras were not ubiquitous, and film was not wasted. This photograph displays fine composition and other elements--it seems like the photographer knew what he/she was doing. Making sure each shot would be as perfect as possible was part of the good photographer's technique. There are no other dust specks or any other flaws inherent to the taking of the photo. It looks like there are some printing (or reproduction, i.e, scanner) flaws over to the left--the white spots. Also, a dust speck doesn't explain the reptoid with glowing eyes looking out of the window.