Sunday, December 16, 2007

Offer to Beamships Equal Lovers...

This is a fun and insightful little experiment. One of my interests is art/drawing analysis. I've read a fair bit about it, and put some of the ideas into practice very casually with childrens' drawings, and among my friends at gatherings.
For the drawer, the insights gleaned from drawings are often meaningful and accurate. For me, I just find it completely fascinating, and I love the interpretation process, the symbology going on, etc. So far, I have only tried the analysis with people I know fairly well, so I think having some fairly 'stranger' drawings might be more challenging.
If you would like a drawing interpretation, here's how to do it:
Simply draw a picture of yourself picking an apple from a tree. Scan the image, and send it to me via an email attachment. Or, you could otherwise post it somewhere and point me to it. The drawing should ideally be about the size of a piece of notebook paper. The image you send can be smaller, but to give yourself enough space, use a full sheet of paper. Use whatever media you'd like, colored pencils, markers, pen, anything. The more details overall, the better. In addition to the drawing, include your age (this is crucial.)
Note the analysis has nothing to do with artistic skill, so don't let the lack of such stop you.
I will treat the drawings and interpretation with absolute confidentiality. A disclaimer--I am in no way trained for any type of analysis or psychology, and nothing should be taken as a professional opinion or anything but pure entertainment.
Send the drawings to:, or otherwise post and direct.


bigbrownhouse said...

I may take you up on this.

richelle said...

Please do. I only got 2 responses.