Thursday, November 29, 2007

UFO trivia question. Win a prize. Maybe.

I have been searching for a particular UFO case, which involved my high school history teacher, and host-parent of my good high-school-foreign-exchange-student Emmanuel Charrier. All the time I spent around this man, I never knew he was involved in a well documented UFO case--I wish I had been able to talk with him about it. He and his wife have since died.

While browsing a UFO bargain book at B&N about 12 years ago, I came across a case involving military (air force, I assume) subjects in a jet. The gist of it was that an unidentified object (and closely observed, as I remember) was persuing the jet. One of the witnesses' names (my aquaintance) was Walter (or Walt) Teuscher. Because of the unique name, age/timeframe, military connection (I know he was in the military) I am certain the witness and my teacher are the same person.

I am almost positive the case was one of Hynek's, and that it took place in or around the 1950's. I may be off on the spelling of Teuscher's last name--strangely, I recall it being spelled 'Teuscherer' but that doesn't seem to be a valid spelling at all. I will be digging out my dusty yearbook and trying to find the correct spelling--I will update. I have not been able to find this case listed in any of the online or printed resources. I'm so mad I didn't purchase the the book or at least document the case. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen Wagner said...

Have you checked Richard Dolan's books? They are supposed to have EVERYTHING on UFOs in them.

richelle said...
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