Wednesday, November 21, 2007

{Chapter IV--Fore-Gleams of the Future}

While perusing the bookshelves at B&N the other day, I came across a a book I immediately recognized from a distance--for its rather generic but memorable cover; recently I have been noticing online reprints of occult and esoteric related items by Kessinger Publishing ...the covers are all the same, bright yellow borders with large black-on-white text. I was so happy to find one of these to look over in person.
Then, upon looking at the title, my heart nearly stopped. It may be the most lovely and perfect title to a book that I have ever read, every dreamed, ever needed. Immortality and Our Employments Hereafter: With What a Hundred Spirits, Good and Evil, Say of Their Dwelling Places.
If that in itself doesn't sell the book, then one need not read on...
According to my little bookscouting scanner that I happened to have with me, there were used copies available at amazon, so I decided to order it instead of forking out $30 to B&N. To my amazement, one of the copies was an 1880 9th printing, offered for a little over just $9. The seller warned it was literally falling apart, with all manner of damage, but honestly, for me that just enhances it. So, I purchased it, and have to say that it is the most precious book I own. Some Chapter Titles: {Chapter XIII--Evil Spirits: Their Plans, Their Doings, and Their Destinies} and, {Chapter XIX--Crystal Drops: Facts and Fancies of Many in Spirit Life.}
As the title would indicate, much of the entire text is dedicated to dialogue regarding the physicality/tangibility/aesthetic aspects of the spirit world. That is something I love about the early Spiritualism communications--the almost childlike, basic, straightforward inquiries into the literal nature of the afterlife, along with the spirit responses--it's like they really understood how we on this side so desperately want to have an idea of what death & the otherworld is like. It's an element lacking in modern day mediumship. The mediumistic/trance/seance transcripts in this volume really deliver; I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Spiritualism, mediumship, ghosts, or Victoriana.
The reprint (ISBN 0548039216) is about 32$ new, and starts at 19$ used at Amazon. Unfortuantely, though, if you want a turn of the century/Spiritualism-era copy, they start at under about $200 at Alibris. What a kick ass cool present though.

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